December 29, 2019

One to be Ruler

Passage: Micah 5:1-5
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  • Reading Micah 5:1-5
  • Many people have lost trust in our politicians
  • Micah lived in 8th Century BC - economic and political turmoil
    • Explanation
    • 722BC - The Syrian Army came and devoured the Northern Kingdoms
    • 701BC - Sennacherib besieging Jerusalem
    • Nebuchadnezzar King of the Babylonians conquered Jerusalem
    • The Northern Kingdoms have never recovered
    • The Southern Kingdoms have recovered
    • A time when God was bringing judgment on the nations - an awful time when the people were wicked
  • A prophecy comes:
    • 'Out of you shall come forth a ruler'
    • There was a very great threat that the Davidic dynasty may be over
    • There was total desolation
    • Micah prophesies of this King: v4-5
      • The place - Bethlehem
      • The type of King - Mighty and great
    • In the midst of darkness Micah's prophesises hope for God's people
      • Fulfilled
      • Being fulfilled
      • A future fulfillment
  • We are to pray for our government
    • But there are many things that politicians cannot do - explanation
    • Micah's people may be tired of their rulers but they were to trust in the King of Kings
    • We are called to listen to Jesus

A Humble Servant

  • Born in humble circumstances
    • In a manger and a feeding trough
    • Bethlehem - an unlikely place, an unimportant place
    • Visitors - poor shepherds with the lowest of jobs
    • Mary & Joseph - no room in the inn
    • Entrance - silent and quiet, no fanfare of trumpets
    • Healthcare - no doctors of midwives
    • Status - becomes a refugee and flees to Egypt
  • Are our politicians humble?
    • No - examples
  • Jesus:
    • Lived in obscurity for 30 years
    • Spent 40 days fasting in the desert before starting His public ministry
    • His ministry was one of service
    • He didn't cry aloud in the streets - He didn't shout about His miracles
    • No permanent home
    • He borrowed a donkey to ride into Jerusalem
    • He met with sinners
    • He surrendered to a cross
  • He has come forth to God
    • To bring Him glory
    • He is living for His Father
    • He is living for God
  • Application:
    • Consider Jesus in His humility
    • Consider our pride - are we humble?

His Deity (God)

  • Coming from everlasting, his goings are to eternity
  • His Father had sent Him
  • "Before Abraham was, I am"
  • No wonder the wise men bowed down before Jesus Christ and gave Him gifts
  • All the angels of God worshiped Him
  • Jesus had power over death
  • Application: Do you recognise who Jesus Christ is?

A Shepherd King

  • v4 - combines the royal attributes of a king with the qualities of a shepherd
    • Monarchs rarely have total power - those that do often become despots
  • Israel of old asked for a King - though they didn't know what they were asking for
    • David was a just king who ruled with integrity
    • Upon David's throne would come one who would bring an everlasting kingdom - Jesus Christ
    • The Southern Kingdoms had no king
  • Christ would rule - with the force of love
    • An invisible kingdom
    • He would show great love
    • He made wide invitations
    • His commandments were wonderful
  • Christ will stand as a shepherd in the strength of the Lord
    • He will minister to the people
  • Different biblical pictures of Jesus
    • Sitting - explanation
    • Standing - explanation
  • A ministering King
    • Through His word - which His ministers teach
    • Through Communion
    • Through prayer
    • Through Christian friends
    • Means of Grace
    • He came to teach men and women - He continues to do this from heaven
  • Application:
    • Our future is not certain - examples
    • Yet Christ ministers amongst His people
    • We rest and abide in Christ

Closing Remarks

  • inc Reading 4:1-3