October 18, 2020

Obeying His Word

Passage: Joshua 1:7-8
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Our faith overcomes the world

To be strong in the Lord you need to obey the word of the Lord

Reading v7-8
Joshua has now taken over from Moses

600’000 people
Untrained soldiers

If he is to have good success – the word of God must not depart from his mouth

Example of Jeremiah and Moses

‘Be strong and of good courage’ – x3 (v6, 7, 9)

Moses said the same – Deuteronomy 31:7-8
The people said the same – Joshua 1:18

There is a history of men being called to positions of leadership – examples

Deuteronomy 34:9
God equips them


Not distorting but obeying God’s word
Meditating, doing and prospering

Not distorting but obeying God’s word (v7)

Reading v7
Deuteronomy 31:24-26

The Pentateuch kept next to the Arc of the Covenant
The ceremonial law had been passed on by Moses

Joshua had learnt that the word of God had to be followed in a correct way:

Nadab and Abihu
Sabbath keeping
Dishonouring of leaders
The consequences of people keeping God’s word
Division of the land
Cities of refuge
The judicial law
The building of the Temple
The Ten Commandments
The victory against the Amalekites
The blessings and curses of the law
The destruction of Jericho

Compare King Saul

Saul wanted to do things his way
Example of offering sacrifices, the battle against the Amalekites


God is calling us to exact obedience to His word
God enable us to obey

Joshua sought to live a life pleasing to the Lord

Do not be like Saul who could not see higher principles

Jesus taught His disciples the higher principles

To obey principally the spirit of the law – not to miss big issues to only obey small issues

Meditating, doing and prospering (v8)

Reading v8

Is different than reading or listening to the word of God

Example of the cow ‘chewing the cud’
Are we ‘chewing over’ on the word of God?
Do we think about it ‘day and night’?

Example of video on Facebook
How often do you listen to the world?


How are they shaping your world view?
Is your mind being shaped by the word of God?
Colossians 3:16
Jeremiah 15:16


We must meditate and do – v7, 8
We must first understand and then put it into practice


If we obey God, we will prosper
Not riches
Spiritual prosperity
The fruit of the Spirit
Example of David, Joseph, King Uzziah and King Hezekiah

Quote from Psalms
Joshua 21:44-45