November 3, 2019

Mission in Galatia

Passage: Acts 14:1-20
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  • Paul's missionary journey
    • Paul has been to Antioch
    • Iconium and Lystra
    • Next week to Derbe
  • There is a strategy to the journey
    • Places that are known to them
    • Major cities
    • Then smaller surrounding villages and towns
  • The gospel has a huge impact - a time of great awaking and revival


  • They have been expelled from Antioch
    • They travel over the mountains to Iconium - the capital city
    • Part of Lycaonia
    • A city steeped in Greek tradition
  • They began their mission first in the Synagogue
    • A great multitude of Jews and Greeks believe
  • Their message is accompanied by supernatural power - v1
    • They preach in boldness and the power of the Holy Spirit
      • We need to pray for this
  • There was opposition - v2
    • The unbelieving Jews poisoned their minds
      • This is a common tactic of the devil
    • They were venomous people
      • Examples
    • How are our minds poisoned today?
      • Examples
    • Often it is unbelieving 'religious' who criticise and speak against
  • They remained there a long time - v3a
    • God was at work
    • Multitude were saved
    • They preached boldly in the Lord
    • 1 Cor 2:1-5
  • The ministry was accompanied by signs and wonders - v3c
    • God was vindicating His servants and His word
  • The people were divided
    • Part believed and part did not believe
    • Luke 12:51-53
      • We pray for household salvation
      • Initially there are often divisions with the house
    • Not everyone who comes to church is a believer
    • Are we on Jesus' side?
    • Are we still of the world?
  • An unholy alliance – v5-7
    • The Jews and Gentiles are opposed to Paul and Barnabas
      • What had they done?
    • It was the work of the devil
      • Hatred in the hearts of people towards Jesus Christ and God
    • The apostles became aware of it and flee to Lystra and Derbe


  • 20 miles south of Iconium
  • No synagogue but a temple dedicated to Zeus
    • A superstitious people
  • Paul preaches the same gospel
    • No gimmicks
  • Paul observes one particular person
    • He is given a word by the Spirit
    • A wonderful miracle is performed
    • It shows the mighty power of God
  • The people think they are Greek gods and want to sacrifice to them
    • Paul and Barnabas rip their clothes
    • A different reaction - not poisoning of the mind but treating them as gods - both demonic
    • Preachers are not to be put on a high pedestal - they are sinners
  • Next week we will see the terrible reaction to want to stone Paul almost to death

Learning Points/Application

  • Idolatry is a terrible thing
    • Example of Martin Luther, Gideon
    • Example of Paul and Barnabas
      • What would they see today?
    • How are we to react?
      • To love
      • To call things out
  • To follow Jesus Christ means to suffer
    • Quote from Paul and Jesus
    • We must be prepared to suffer
  • We are to be weak like Paul and Barnabas
    • We are not to bring glory to ourselves
    • Not for self-adulation
  • The Gospel causes a division
    • This is hard
    • This happened initially in Jesus' own family
    • We must pray that God will save all the members of our family
  • God's goodness to a fallen world
    • The healing of the cripple (healed his body, not just his soul)
  • The mighty power of God
    • We must never lose sight of this
    • We must not become accustomed to how things are
    • We shall not despise the day of small things
    • We must be an expectant people