March 15, 2020

Lessons from Judas Iscariot

Passage: John 6:63-71
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  • Approaching Easter - my favourite celebration
    • We can openly proclaim that Christ has risen!
  • Tonight: to consider one of the characters of the Easter narrative
    • Judas Iscariot
      • His name has become the definition of betrayal
      • He betrayed Jesus with a greeting and a kiss
      • This name permanently tarnished
    • Why did Jesus choose Judas?
      • To be a disciple
      • A close friend [one of the 12]
      • A mistake?
  • Overview:
    • Religious hypocrisy - the need of salvation
      Human responsibility - the sovereignty of God
    • Personal responsibility - the tragedy of sin
  • Why did Jesus choose Judas?

Religious hypocrisy - the need of salvation

  • To warn us against religious hypocrisy
  • Consider Judas before that Paschal week - examples
    • The people he knew
    • A man of integrity
    • Learned from the best Teacher - Jesus
    • An evangelist
    • He healed and cast out demons
    • Nobody suspected Judas - John 13:21-22, 28-29
  • On the surface:
    • The best of Christian
    • A devout follower
    • An evangelist
  • The Lord knows the heart
    • Being religious is not evidence of salvation
    • A warning against being a religious hypocrite
    • He was not saved
    • He did not believe in Jesus as Lord and Saviour - v64
    • He may have believed in his mind, but not his heart
  • This is a challenge to self-examination - are we religious hypocrites?
    • Does our heart belong to the Lord?
    • Are you saved?
    • What is the treasure of your heart?
    • Satan has many who come to church
    • 2 Tim 3:5
  • We are to put religion away - we need Jesus alone
    • Are we listening to the gospel of Jesus?
    • It is not about our environment/church
      • Judas was at the feet of Jesus
      • Adam and Eve were before God in the Garden of Eden
  • We see the religious hypocrisy and the need of salvation

Human responsibility - the sovereignty of God

  • We have a choice to make and we must choose Jesus
  • The sovereignty of God
    • cf John 13:18-19, John 6:65
    • No one can come to Jesus unless granted by the Father
      • We still have a responsibility
    • These events and Judas' action confirm that Jesus is the Christ
      • The Scriptures are fulfilled
      • Ps 41:9
  • Our responsibility
    • Did Judas have a choice?
      • He was not forced to betray Jesus
      • He would have been saved had he repented
    • Judas was misguided in his thinking
      • He gave into sin
      • He gave into satan's enticement
    • Judas chose his own way
      • Satan took hold of him
      • This led him to betray the Lord Jesus
  • Our choice:
    • To call out to Jesus
    • To seek forgiveness
    • We need Jesus to transform our hearts but obedience to His call is our responsibility
    • What takes priority over Christ?
    • God knows our choices - but let them be to obey Him
    • We are no robots controlled by Him, we have responsibility to obey and serve Him

Personal responsibility - the tragedy of sin

  • Sin is ugly and fatal
  • It is our personal responsibility to turn to Jesus - Matt 27
    • Judas was filled with guilt and remorse
    • Satan had hold of him
    • He threw the money into the temple
    • He hanged himself
  • Guilt and remorse is not the same as repentance
    • If only Judas had repented - but he had given himself to sin
    • Sin blinded him to see Christ
  • Acts 1:18 - the ugliness caused by sin
    • This is why the word of God is clear regarding sin
    • Sin may initially look beautiful
    • Sin destroys
    • Sin condemns to hell - Acts 1:25
  • When we die - we go to where we belong
    • Where do you belong?
    • There are only two camps

Closing Remarks

  • The difference between Judas and Peter
    • Peter repented
    • Peter believed Why did Jesus choose Judas? v68-69
  • Do not rest in religion but trust in Jesus Christ
  • We have a personal choice
  • Sin is tragic so put your faith in Jesus
  • Declare the words of Peter - "you are the Christ"