July 21, 2019

In God’s Image

Passage: Genesis 1:1-31
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  • Focusing on v26
    • "Let us make man in Our image according to Our likeness"
  • Example of serious questions
    • Does God really care?
    • Pain and suffering is the reality of life
    • As a Christian there is another side to suffering
    • Yet people question whether there is a loving God
  • A declaration: God does care
    • Let us see from v26 how much God really does treasure us
  • Creation
    • Is immense and beautiful
    • Humans are the focus
    • Gen 1 - showcases all of God's creative work, but...
    • ... v26 - attention is drawn to God's most wonderful creation
      • There is a pause - God speaks to Himself
      • There is a conversation amongst the Godhead
      • God is giving careful thought and attention to the creation of men and women
      • This shows we are special
    • Let us consider this heavenly conversation
  • Overview:
    • What did God create?
    • How did God create humans to be?
    • Why did God create humans

What did God create?

  • Human beings - made to be distinct and different from the rest of creation
  • There is a fundamental distinction in our form and purpose
    • We were created in His image
    • We are not the result of evolution
    • cf. Gen 2:7
  • Humans were formed from the dust and God breathed into his nostrils
    • Not out of the sea or the ground
    • Not just a command but formed by God's own hand
  • The first thing man felt and saw was God
    • Such was the level of intimacy between mankind and God
    • In one sense separation from God is not natural
  • Through the separation of sin - we have turned our face away from God
    • We are quick to question and blame God
    • God still cares - this is why He sent His only Son Jesus
    • Through Jesus we can be reconciled with God and have an intimate relationship with Him

How did God create humans to be?

  • Two ways:
    • The mechanics - God made us from the dust of the ground and breathed life into us
    • The more complete - we were created in God's image
  • Created in God's image
    • God Himself served as the template for how we are made
      • We are not unique ...
      • ... because we are made in God's image
    • When God made us - He looked at Himself
      • A created representation of God
      • Our faculties and abilities (examples) - is a testimony that we were created in God's image
    • Personal example
      • cf Gen 2:23-24, 5:3
    • How much more would God's affection be to humans made in His own likeness
      • God has so much affection towards us
      • Yet sin has marred this image - we have rejected God and forsaken His image
      • We have made ourselves to be God
    • Yet God is still loving towards us
      • God sent His only begotten Son - explanation
      • Jesus helps conform us to God's image

Why did God create humans?

  • What is our purpose?
    • We are made to enjoy an intimate relationship with God
      • Nothing else in creation could have this relationship with God
    • Unless we are fulfilling our purpose - we are missing the mark
    • Sin blinds and impedes us from knowing God ...
      • ... yet God still loves us - Rom 5:8
    • We must repent of our sins - explanation

Closing Remarks

  • God really cares for us - v26 shows this