July 4, 2021


Passage: Philippians 2:1-11
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  • We are prone to pride
    • God uses circumstances to humble us - examples
    • He reminds us we are weak and dependent on Him
    • God gives grace to the humble
  • God may humble us in His presence, in prayer, around the Lord's table
    • Examining our own hearts
    • At these times we are most humbled
    • Christ is exalted and we are lifted up with Him
  • There is consolation in Christ, comfort in God's love, fellowship in the Spirit
    • Have the same love, of one accord, of one mind
      • Accept one another in love and submit to one another
    • Do nothing in selfish ambition
    • Esteem others better than yourself
    • Look out for others, out them before yourself
  • Unity comes through humility

How are we humbled?

  • v4-11
  • Be like Christ
    • He made Himself of no reputation
      • He was willing to be the servant of servants
      • He told people to be quiet about His miracles
      • He became a man - though He is Almighty God
    • He gave and gave
    • He humbled Himself
    • He obeyed His Father's will
      • He voluntarily went to the cross
      • God was pleased with His Son, He raised Him from the dead to His right hand
    • He identified with us in His baptism
    • He was willing to be ridiculed and rejected
  • Compare the ways of the world
    • Example of tennis stars
    • Example of Christian humility
    • Isa 66:2b
  • We need a true knowledge of ourselves
    • Example of Isaiah - in God's presence
    • Example of Peter - in Christ's presence
  • Do not consider yourself more highly than you ought
    • Example of disciples
    • Pride goes before a fall - we must all take heed lest we fall
    • Example of Abraham and Lot
  • Respond aright when you face criticism
    • Example of Moses and David
    • Listening to what is right
  • Spending time in God's presence
    • Keeping our eyes on Jesus (not on ourselves)
    • Behold Him

May God help us to be humble