August 4, 2019

Haggai 2:10-23

Passage: Haggai 2:10-23
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Bible Text: Haggai 2:10-23 | Preacher: Henry De Oliveira | Series: Haggai | Introduction

Coming to an end of the Book of Haggai
Recap of previous two sermons

Challenge to the Jewish people to turn back to God
God encourages them to be strong for He is with them

This evening – 2:10-23
Two oracles through Haggai on the same day – v10, 24

It has been 3 months since the people had resolved to start the work of the building the temple
They have had enough time to sort the construction
Resources have been brought

There is to be a re-dedication to the temple

Zechariah had already begun his ministry – Zech 1:1-4

Zechariah preached this message only one month later
The people had some way to go in repentance
The people are struggling to acheive a whole-hearted response
They were relying on the physical building and neglecting their own spiritual growth


The need for holiness and the problem of sin
God’s chastisement and the need to respond in repentance
God’s gracious blessing

The need for holiness and the problem of sin

Reading 2:11-14
Two questions asked of the law – to the priests who would instruct the people

Their authority is recognised
Their responsibility included teaching God’s law and answering questions relating to this
The questions were asked before all the people
cf 1 Pet 3:15

Two facts:

There can be no transmission of holiness
Uncleanness is contagious

The issue is not their ignorance of God’s law but their application

Ex 19:6

They were not a holy nation – not everything they did was acceptable to the Lord

Despite God’s promise of His presence and help in rebuilding the temple
There was no automatic approval

Holiness needs to be pursued

Unless their hearts were pure before Him, their prayers and sacrifices were not acceptable to Him

Prov 28:9

Inward purification and holiness is needed
As Christians’ we are called a holy people, set apart for honourable use

We need to pursue holiness
There needs to be an ongoing work of sanctifications
1 Pet 1:14-16

Going to church does not make you holy
We need to be changed by the Holy Spirit
Good works is an outward expression of what is going on in our heart/on the inside
Matt 5:48


Sin is a problem

Sins keep us apart from God
Everything the Jews touched became unclean – including their offerings
When we were converted we were made a new creation
Yet there is still a law of sin at work
Sin is contagious – is spoils and destroys

James 2:10

Because of the sin of one man – the entire human race became affected by it
Virtually every page of the Bible speaks about sin
Psalm 5:4-5
Unless sin is dealt with – it stays and remains

God’s chastisement and the need to respond in repentance

Reading 2:15

The Lord expects a mighty change in their hearts, a complete change of direction
We must desire this change

Reading 2:16

There is a curse and spiritual uncleanness
The expected blessings were not present
They did not use their resources for the Lord
Prov 3:9-10
How much crop are we yielding as Christians?

Matt 13:8-9

Is there a lack of fruit in our lives?
Are we being slow in pursuing spiritualness?

Reading 2:17

The Lord had struck them – His dealings with His people were direct
Deut 28:22
This was loving fatherly chastisement to call the back to themselves – but the people did not turn back

Are we being listening to the Lord?
Heb 12:5-6


The people needed repentance

We need this in our lives
It is a sign of looking to the Lord
Our repentance ought to increase – it is a mark of a maturing Christian
To turn to God and despise our sin and uncleanness

God’s gracious blessing

Reading 2:18

It should have brought the people to their senses

Consider the parable of the prodigal son

The people would know the reality of a renewed relationship with God

We can know this too

Reading 2:19

From this day – God would bless the people

How great it would be to see God’s blessings on the people

God is waiting to pour His blessings upon us
We should not be satisfied with what we have know

Jesus called us to live life to the fullest

Those blessings will be more than we can imagine
2 Cor 4:17

Reading 2:20-22

God assurances us of His promises
God demonstrates His power and authority over heaven and earth

Reading 2:23

God seals His promise
Zerubbabel is like a signet ring
1 Chro 1:17
Jesus Christ is our greatest blessing
Isa 1:18
True holiness is in Christ – let us put on Christ
Gal 2:20

Closing Remarks