September 22, 2019

Guidance and God’s Will

Passage: Acts 12:25-13:4, Proverbs 3:1-18
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  • The Book of Acts is a wonderful book - about the progress of the gospel
    • Burden re the lack of fruit
    • Encouraging to see God pour out His Holy Spirit
  • The Book of Acts is about the Church
    • No fine details - examples
    • All the vital principles for healthy strong churches - examples:
      • Prayer
      • Inter-cooperation of Fellowship
      • Doctrine
      • The Breaking of Bed
      • The Centrality of the word of God
    • We must concentrate on these things
  • Concentrating on Guidance and God's will
    • No one-stop answer
    • The Holy Spirit guiding God's people
    • A group of God's people making decisions
    • God's providence - example of John Mark
    • Opening and closing doors - examples
  • Overview:
    • Somethings are Clear
    • Somethings are Sensible
    • Somethings are Not Expected
    • All things are for God's glory

Somethings are Clear

  • So obvious - there may be prayer backing but we do not need to pray for guidance
  • Example of bringing a love gift
    • There was a great famine prophesied by Agabus
    • The church was in need
    • Antioch was a rich place with many resources
  • Example - someone in need in Church

Somethings are Sensible

  • God does not bypass the human mind
  • Example - for Barnabas to bring Saul to Antioch
    • Barnabas knew Saul was accepted by the apostles
    • Barnabas was overwhelmed
  • Example - training up men for ministry
  • Example - John Mark (12:25)
    • Was this sensible as he later deserted 
    • He needed faith to leave Jerusalem and to trust Barnabas
    • Paul specifically asked for John Mark

Somethings are Not Expected

  • God sometimes works in ways that are not expected
  • 13:1
    • Some are prophets, teachers
  • 13:2
    • God speaks suddenly
      • We don't know how? - prophecy, an audible voice
      • A clear message from the Holy Spirit
    • It must have been unexpected
    • It happened when they were ministering to the Lord
      • Praying and fasting
      • Preaching
    • An exceptional situation as this is vital for the progression of the gospel
    • God had called them to a work
      • They are not given details but are called 
  • Should we seek such exceptional guidance today?
    • No - they weren't seeking guidance
    • They were ministering to the Lord
  • Big decisions should be made in the context of the church
    • We should be certain God is in it
    • We should trust God
    • 2 Cor 5:9
    • 1 Thess 2:4
    • We must still think things through and plan
      • Personal example

All things are for God's glory

  • Some implications:
    • Do we ask for the wisdom of others?
      • Do we consult and pray?
      • Examples
    • Do we have ownership of the church?
      • Are we unified in prayer
    • Do we recognise the purpose?
      • What is the work that God has called us to do?