September 29, 2019

God’s people are very near to His heart

Passage: Zechariah 1:7-17
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  • 5 months since the building of the Temple began (from Haggai)
    • The Jews were uncertain of how God was working in their lives
    • They had abandoned building God's temple
    • God sent Zechariah to show that He had not abandoned them
    • Zechariah means 'God Almighty remembers'
  • Previously
    • Zech 1:1-6 – a theme of repentance
    • 1:3 - return to God
    • God now reveals the future lesson
    • 1:7-6:15 – a series of visions given to Zechariah
  • 8 visions
    • How the truth of this vision affirms us in our faith
    • God speaking through visions was not uncommon
      • Numbers 12:6
      • Examples
    • God revealed Himself to Zechariah through visions
    • Does God still give visions today?
      • 3 questions & answers
      • Visions to some - God can use any means He deems necessary
  • Visions:
    • The Bible is complete
    • The Lord Jesus has already given us all things that pertain to life and godliness
    • Any true vision will accord with the word of God
    • Quote from JC Ryle
  • Zechariah's vision
    • At night - sometimes he needed waking up
    • Not just as a personal experience but to pass the truth revealed to the people
      • To encourage the people in the rebuilding of the temple
    • It is very easy to live for ourselves or the 'matters of life'
      • These visions helps us to abandon the 'live for the moment' attitude
  • Vision of the Horses:
    • Due to time, the details are not the priority
    • Focusing on the message God is giving through the vision
  • Overview
    • Our Lord's Intercession for His people
    • Our Lord's Jealousy for His own people
    • Our Lord's promises for His people

Our Lord's Intercession for His people

  • How near are we to the Lord's heart?
    • We are very close to God's heart because our Lord intercedes for His people
  • The horses said that "earth was resting quietly" - the land was a rest 
    • The Jews could focus on the task of rebuilding the Temple
    • Would we not desire such a time?
      • The response of the Angel of the Lord was that God was angry with the Jews - Explanation
  • God reveals His heart
    • That He remembers His people
    • That He is concerned for His people
  • The Angel of the Lord intercedes on their behalf
    • Often with deistic properties
    • Ex 3:2
    • Gen 16, 31
    • Joshua 5
    • Judges
    • The pre-incarnate appears of Jesus Christ
  • Jesus Christ intercedes for us
    • 1 John 1:2
    • Heb 7:25
    • Rom 8:34
    • He is the only mediator between God and man - 1 Tim 2:5
    • Rom 5:10 - we now belong to God
  • God desires prayer
    • Jesus Himself prays for us
    • God responds to intercessory prayer with delight - with good and comforting words (v13)
    • Even when we don't know what to pray - Christ prays for us

Our Lord's Jealousy for His own people

  • How near are we to the Lord's heart?
    • v14
  • God is zealous - jealous
    • Today jealousy carries connotations of envy
    • The original definition - 'to be fiercely protective of one's rights or possessions'
    • God is fiercely protective of His people
      • Not a weak emotion
      • God is completely and utterly invested in His people
  • The people were sinful - despite all warnings they were slow to repentance
    • God was zealous for His people because He chose them
      • Deut 7:6-8
    • God chooses us
  • God's jealously is provoked when people mistreat His people
    • v15
    • God's anger was greater with the surrounding nations
  • God is fiercely protective of us
    • He paid the ultimate price for us
    • God's motivation in His jealousy is His honour and glory
    • Rom 12:19
    • 2 Thess 1:6-9
      • God will return with vengeance
      • We should earnestly seek their salvation
    • Rom 8:31-39

Our Lord's promises for His people

  • How near are we to the Lord's heart?
  • God gives us promises
    • v16
  • God is returning in mercy
    • God had withdrawn compassion from His people for their sin
    • Micah 7:19
    • We deserve judgment but God returns with mercy
  • God chooses to be merciful
    1. It exalts God - Isa 48:11
    2. It is in His character - Ps 138
    3. It is His answer to His Son's intercession for us
    4. Because we are near to His heart
  • Example of Song
  • Three more specific promises
    • v16 - His house shall be built
      • 4 years later His Temple was completed
      • Matt 16: God's Church continues to grow
    • v16 - The work of rebuilding with extend to the whole city
      • Let us pray that God's work will not just be limited to this building
    • v17 - The cities shall spread through prosperity
      • There does not need to be a limit to God's growth

Closing Remarks