June 16, 2024

God’s indwelling, guidance and peace

Passage: John 14:15-27
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  • As believers we need both challenge and encouragement
    • Explanation
    • We need 'God will' and 'you must'
  • Jesus has a wonderful balance of encouragement and challenge
    • Chapters 14,15,16 and 17 - have little challenge, but are full of comfort and promise
      • The many mansions in glory
      • Encouragements to pray
    • Challenges
      • "If you love Me, keep my commands"
    • The doctrine of the Holy Spirit
  • A long discourse in the upper room
    • John has recorded it for us
  • Looking at v23, 26, 27
  • Overview:
    • An Indwelling God (v23)
    • A Counsellor who Guides (v26)
    • A Permanent Peace given by Our Saviour (v27)
  • Our society seems more restless than any before it - examples
    • Example of Russell Brand - "I need a personal relationship with God"
    • Example of Adrian Carey Jones
  • None but Jesus Christ satisfies
    • He has said He will come and make His home in believers
    • He will dwell with us
  • There is nothing better than God dwelling with His people
    • Given the Holy Spirit - the perfect Teacher
    • Given the peace of God that can never be taken from us
  • The disciples could not turn to anyone us
    • Ps 73:25
    • Does Jesus satisfy your soul?

An Indwelling God (v23)

  • Some people talk about a 'Christ' conscience
    • Explanation
  • Help coming from above
    • Not from our heart/ourself, where there is sin
    • There is no help from within
  • What does it mean for God to dwell in us?
    • The Holy Spirit (v16-20)
      • Jesus was glorified on the cross, when He was resurrected and when He ascended to heaven - then the Holy Spirit was sent on the day of Pentecost
    • The Holy Spirit came to dwell in men in a way that God had not done before
  • Not to worry about the mechanics of how this will work (v23)
  • The Holy Trinity
    • References to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit
    • Separate and distinct persons - yet joined
    • The term came about due to heresies - clarified by the Council of Nicea
    • Solomon and Ezk 37:26-28
  • God has truly come to dwell with men
    • First through Jesus Christ
    • Then through the Holy Spirit (2 Cor 6:16)
  • We have fellowship and communion with the living God
    • He will never leave us or forsake us
  • Our 'home' (v23) - same word as 14:2
    • First a home with Jesus in ourselves
    • Second a home with Jesus in heaven
  • If we walk in obedience
    • To keep the commandments of God (v15, 21)
    • To keep His word (v23-24)

A Counsellor who Guides (v26)

  • The disciples would need much guidance
    • They had given up everything to follow Jesus but He would now leave them
    • They were insecure
  • Jesus sent them the Holy Spirit
    • They were enable to write down the gospels and epistles
    • They were given divine understanding
    • They were given remembrance
  • There was a tremendous change in them after Pentecost - examples
    • Science does not explain the soul or morality
    • People need a counsellor and the peace of God

A Permanent Peace given by Our Saviour (v27)

  • Two types of people:
    • Believers and unbelievers
    • Those who know the peace of God and those who don't
  • The natural person cannot understand because they are blind to spiritual things
  • Jesus gives us His peace
  • Our society needs the peace of Christ
    • Do you know this peace?
    • Do you know contentment?
    • Are you happy in God?
  • The child of God knows the peace of God
    • You can know this peace - come to Jesus (Matthew 11:28)

Closing Remarks