January 12, 2020

Genesis 3

Passage: Genesis 3:9-21, Psalm 14:1-3
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  • Living in a post modern society - the claim of no absolute truth
    • The Bible has lost its value in society
    • Many have no respect for the word of God
    • Some even claim that rejecting God is a sign of intelligence
  • At Tabor we believe and preach the word of God
  • Genesis 3 - filled with timeless truths
    • We cannot brush over this chapter
    • These words still speak to our situation today
  • cf Psalm 14:1
    • Why are so many people choosing to deny God?
    • Because of what happened in Genesis 3 in the Garden of Eden
    • As humans - we need to stop and ask serious questions
  • Looking at a conversation between God and man (v9-12)
    • Imagine that this conversation is between you and God
    • Adam is a representative of us as sinners
  • Overview:
    • What does God reveal to us about ourselves?
    • What does God reveal to us about Himself?
    • What does God reveal to us about about His plan of salvation?

What does God reveal to us about ourselves?

  • God called out to Adam
    • It is not that He did not know where he was
    • He had a specific purpose in asking this question - 'Adam, do you know where you are?'
      • Given an account and confess
      • Do you understand what you have done
  • Adam admits his shame and nakedness
    • Before this chapter - he did not know this
    • He is also spiritually naked
    • However, he only admits a superficial problem
      • Staying at the surface with God is not enough
      • God desires for us to consider the root of our situation
  • God wants Adam to dive deeper into his current condition asks more questions
    • He is causing Adam to see the state of his own heart
    • Adam could see from his own words the state of his rebellious heart, but...
  • He blames God for his condition (v12)
    • We find many to blame for our sin
    • Do we go as far as blaming God?
  • God is asking these questions to Adam, as He wants Adam to see the state he is in
    • God wants us to see the state we are in
    • Society rejects this
      • Who wants a mirror to see the ugliness inside
      • Heb 4:12
      • When people are faced with the reality of their sinful situation - they are quick to dismiss God rather than accept the truth
    • God reveals our hearts, so that we would turn to Him to be rescued
  • Adam blames his wife (v13), yet "I ate"
    • It was his own action - he must take ownership of his sin
    • This is the first start of repentance - confession

What does God reveal to us about Himself?

  • In Adam's rebellious state - God had the right to strike him down
    • God is full of grace and mercy
      • He is just so did not acquit them of their guilt
      • There was a consequence of their crime
    • God gave opportunity for reconciliation before death
      • He withholds His judgment for a little time
      • 2 Pet 3:9
    • God's mercy is not dependent upon our confession
      • God chose to show mercy
    • Consequences - v14-19
      • Lesser consequences given to mankind
        • The serpent if greater cursed
        • The earth is greater cursed still
      • Explanation
    • Yet God was still gracious and merciful to Adam/Eve and the human race
      • The woman would bring forth children - the human race would not die
      • A promise
  • Are we staying in darkness, holding on to our darling sins?

What does God reveal to us about about His plan of salvation?

  • When Adam stood still, God declared His plan of salvation 
    • Do we hear God's voice in the business of life?
    • The word of God is not silent - The Bible still speaks
  • The 'First Gospel'
    • In humanities darkest hour, God reveals the hope of all mankind
    • The Seed of the woman would come and bruise the serpents head
    • So that we might have salvation
  • Salvation can only come through God
    • Adam and Eve couldn't do anything
    • God would do everything that was needed
    • Jesus' death and resurrection is the fulfillment of this great plan
      • We cannot pay the ransom price
      • Jesus gave His life as a ransom for many
      • He was our sacrifice suffering for our sins
    • God made tunics to clothe Adam and Eve
      • Notice that blood had to be shed
      • A picture of what was ultimately needed on the cross
      • Christ's blood shed for the remission of sins - once and for all
    • What good news
  • Yet many reject:
    • Many reject God's way of salvation as they reject sin
    • Many reject the God of the Bible being the only way of salvation
    • Many would rather live their life their own way

Closing Remarks