November 28, 2021


Passage: 1 Kings 18:16-40
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  • Key text - v21
  • In the previous chapter - 101 prophets going into hiding
  • In the next chapter - 850 prophets going in for a hiding
  • Elijah breaks cover and meets Obadiah
  • Elijah blames Ahab for the trouble that has come upon Israel
    • When you turn your back on God - calamity comes
  • Righteousness exalts a nation
    • Elijah brings the people back to basics
    • v19 - Israel's moment of decision
    • Do we have firm conviction?
  • Overview:
    • Elijah issues a challenge
    • Elijah introduces the contestants
    • Elijah evokes the God of the Covenant

Elijah issues a challenge (v21)

  • He throws down the gauntlet
  • "How long" - he had a holy impatience
    • God had bourne Israel's sin
    • God bears our sin
  • They were teetering / limping to and fro
    • Room for all religions
    • "Adopt the one that suits you best"
    • It did not suit Elijah or Jezebel
  • Choose one God
    • You cannot follow God and satan at the same time
    • The people did not answer
    • The Gospel challenge silences many
    • Whom will you serve?

Elijah introduces the contestants (v24)

  • The people thought this good
    • A fair contest
    • Example of boxers
  • Baal - associated with fire
    • 2 Kings 16:13
  • God - associated with fire
    • The Burning Bush - Ex 3:14
    • A column of fire - Ex 13:21
    • He Descended in fire - Ex 19:18
    • God's fiery wrath fell upon Jesus at the cross - so that our sins might be forgiven
    • Heb 12:29

Elijah evokes the God of the Covenant (v36)

  • The prophets of Baal called on his name (v23-27)
    • Elijah mocks the false prophets (v27)
      • Ps 2:4
    • They try all things to have Baal answer them
      • But there was no answer (v29)
      • Is your prayer meeting like this?
      • It depends upon who you are calling
  • The prophet Elijah
    • Pours water on the sacrifice - so there is no complaint of cheating
    • He repaired the altar of the Lord that had been broken
      • Has your 'altar' broken?
      • True prayer life can collapse
    • He called on the Covenant God (v36)
  • The people fell on their faces proclaiming the Lord as God (v37)
    • God was seen as the one true God
  • Do we want the power of God to fall upon us?
    • Do we need to see a miracle before we believe?
      • Look at Calvary - Isa 53:6ff
    • Can you see the fire?
    • Have you had your heart turned to God? (v37)
    • Do you see the God of fire?