August 30, 2020

Do not commit Adultery

Passage: Proverbs 5:1-23, Exodus 20:14
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Returning now to the Ten Commandments
A delicate subject

Very painful for those who have experienced this
Can trouble those who have committed adultery

Definition – strict

A betrayal of the marriage covenant
A wider definition

Matt 5:27-28 – lust in your heart
Matt 15:19-20 – evil thoughts come from our heart

A heavy subject to preach

Alternatives that could be preached
Looking at the Commandment as is

Sexual revolution

Consider the swinging 60’s
Sexual immorality now normalised
We must remember what God’s word says – Heb 13:4


The physical sin
The heart sin
The remedy

The physical sin

Marriage was instituted by God – explanation

Adultery is a betrayal of this

Example of Alex Salmond

Consider the betrayal of trust and how this affects people
Consider the hurt to children
It affects society and wounds people deeply

Jesus receives such sinners – examples

Example of the woman at the well

How has the church responded to adultery?

How has the church viewed adultery?
Has the church swung from one position to another?
Are we afraid to talk about it – Solomon was not

Look at the practical advice from Solomon in Proverbs 5
Listen to God’s word

Take heed to God’s law (v1-4)
Do not ignore instruction (v21-23)
Prov 6:23-24
Prov 7:1-5
The word of God is a guard from sin

Enjoy marital intimacy

Sex is God’s gift within marriage (v15-20)
1 Cor 7:2-3
For the single – if not a calling to singleness, seek a partner
Same sex attraction – look to the word of God

1 Cor 10:13

The repercussions

Prov 6:32-35 – destruction of the soul
The effects upon others
The effects of revenge

The heart sin

The eyes are the gates of the heart

Consider Job – he struggled, he made a pledge
Consider David – he looked upon Bathsheba and desire her
People have “eyes full of adultery” – 2 Peter 2:14
Pornography is rife on the internet

The remedy

Sin comes from within – Matt 5:19-20

We need cleaning from within our hearts
We need a power to overcome
This is available through the promise of the gospel
It is still a battle – flee sexual immorality
Christ purifies us – Titus 2:14
Washed and renewed – Titus 3:4-5
1 Thessalonians

This is a subject we need to take seriously – taking radical action

What action are we taking
The greatest thing we need to do is to keep our eyes upon Jesus and upon His word
Look unto Jesus
See what Jesus did for us in love – Explanation
Run the race
Love Him with all your heart