August 16, 2020

Do I love my neighbour?

Passage: Luke 18:18-23, Luke 10:25- 37
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Bible Text: Luke 18:18-23, Luke 10:25- 37 | Preacher: Andrew Love | Series: The Ten Commandments | Introduction

People may superficially think they follow the Ten Commandments

The rich young ruler feels he has kept all the commandments and is a good person
Jesus quotes from some of the Ten Commandments
Jesus shows the rich young ruler that he had not followed these commands

The Parable of the Good Samaritan

This is familiar to us – but have we understood it?
Jesus said that people will not understand parables – it is perhaps the most misunderstood parable

It is not just doing good to our neighbour

The lawyer is testing Jesus (10:25)

Jesus answers his question with another question
This lawyer is well studied in the Old Testament
His reply: Deut 6:5, 19:18 – this summarises the whole of the law
Jesus said he had answered rightly

The lawyer wanted to justify himself

They would not love Samaritans or profligate Jews
They would love those who kept the law
Matt 5:43-44 – Jesus said to love your enemies
They had a very narrow understanding of was their neighbour

The parable

We are more like the priest or the Levite
It’s purpose is to reveal the love of God
The lawyer just wanted to justify himself – he did not cast himself on the mercy of Christ

What it does not mean

It is not just a skit to do good or to behave appropriately
Remember that this man has come to Jesus with a question

Jesus is asking if he understands perfect love for God and man
It was to have a profound impact on this man
Consider the extravagant love of the Samaritan
It is not about social justice (though this is right) – it is about evangelism

What does it teach us?

This story would have been familiar to readers of the day
The priest

1200 priests who would often travel back and forth from Jerusalem to Jericho
The road was steep and windy – about 20 miles
The road notorious for robbers – called “the way of blood”

The priest and levite – saw and looked, but passed by on the other side
The Samaritan

The Samaritans were the enemy of the Jews – This would have caused all sorts of feelings within him


He shows great care for the wounded man


He shows extravagant love

Personal example

What does it teach us?

We are not meant to allogerise it – example
It should cause us to reflect on the love of God

God’s love

God loved us enough to die for us whilst we were still sinners
He did not love us on the basis of what we were
He loves us from eternity
His love goes to extreme lengths
He sent Jesus Christ into this world
Jesus Christ laid down His life on the cross
God is rich in mercy
He freely forgives
Jesus paid the price for our sin

Our response

We must look to Christ
Salvation is by faith alone
Oh that we would come to Him

Closing Remarks

Christ has fulfilled the law perfectly – that He would die in our place, that we might be forgiven and healed
As Christ loves us, so must we love others
Oh that this parable would draw us to Jesus