April 18, 2021

Depravity and the Image of God in Man

Passage: Romans 2:11-15, Romans 3:9-18


  • Personal example
  • Subject: human depravity and the image of God in man
  • Starting a new series: Complimentary and Paradoxical Truths
  • Various questions:
    • To what extent has the fall/sin of Adam affected the human soul?
    • Is there anything good left in us?
    • How can unbelievers do kind acts?
    • How can unbelievers display greater kindness?
    • What is our attitude towards those who do not believe?
    • What is common grace?

Human Depravity

  • Theologians talk about the doctrine of total depravity
    • This may conjure up the wrong image in your mind
    • Morally depraved
    • Totally sinful, totally corrupted
  • The fall:
    • The mind, will, conscience and memory are polluted
    • Gen 6:5 - the intents of man's thoughts was continual evil
    • Eph 2:3 - Human beings follow the inclination of their heart - which is to do evil
      • Selfish people
    • Rom 7:15-16
    • Rom 8:7 - the will is captive
    • Tit 1:15 / Heb 9:14 - the conscience is seared and needs to be cleansed
    • Jer 17:9 - the heart is deceitful and desperately wicked
    • Rom 3:12 - all have turned aside to sin
    • Isa 64:6 - our righteousness is like filthy rags
  • We are in a sinful state/nature
    • We are naturally inclined to sin
    • We do not love God as we ought

The Image of God in Man

  • Why then does Scripture describe those that do good?
    • Acts 28
    • 2 Kings 10
    • Example of the Amonites
  • We are still made in the image of God
    • Quote from John Murray
    • The fall never obliterated the image of God in man
    • Paul refers to people as the 'offspring' of God
    • Rom 2:14-15
      • They have a basic sense of right and wring
      • They have a conscience
  • Quote from Nick Needham - a difference between the spiritual and moral man
  • The doctrine of common grace
    • God often restrains people in their sins
    • Examples
    • The Church is the greatest blessing

Closing Remarks

  • We must take a balanced approach - not go to extremes
    • Not to despise people or question people
  • We must not assume that people are basically good and not take seriously what Scripture says about sin
    • People need the regenerating power of God
  • How are we to enjoy this world?