May 19, 2019

Avoiding a Censorious Spirit

Passage: Luke 6:31-42
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  • Example of Denise Kinney
  • Often we point the finger
    • Often we judge incorrectly
    • We are so quick to condemn
    • We see others as prideful
    • We forget what is in our hearts
  • Jesus is the only one who can pronounce judgment
    • He is the only one without sin
    • He did not have a censorious spirit
    • He came into the world to save
    • Yes he exposed sin and pronounced sin, but grace was always on His lips
  • Jesus warns against a censorious spirit
    • The tendency of the human heart is to have a critical spirit
    • Jesus says judge not and condemn not
  • Overview:
    • Jesus forbids a censorious spirit v37-42
    • Jesus commands a generous spirit
    • Jesus warns about spiritual blindness v39-42

Jesus forbids a censorious spirit (v37-42)

  • Judge not ...
  • Does not mean you cannot have convictions
    • Not alternate truths
      • Scripture is absolute
      • We must be clear about what is right and wrong
    • Jesus exposed hypocrisy
      • Judgementalism - running down, nitpicking
      • Not judgmentalism - warning in love
  • Do not stand in judgment over others
    • As though you were living the good life, that you are better, that you are not exposed to their sins
      • The pharisees did this
    • Do not judge on appearance and without facts
      • Personal example
    • Do not spread gossip
      • Example
    • Quote from Proverbs
      • Investigate matters where appropriate
  • Judgementalism causes a lot of sadness
    • James 4:11-12
    • Are we taken up with secondary matters?
    • It can occur in churches
      • It occurred in several New Testament churches
      • Rom 14:1-5,10,13 – explanation
    • In secondary matters: let there by tolerance, love and understanding
  • Judge not, lest you be judged
    • Almost a principle of reaping and sowing
      • Explanation
    • v37 - not speaking about eternal judgment
      • The Bible says salvation is only through faith in Jesus Christ
      • There is no condemnation for "those who are in Christ Jesus"
  • A censorious spirit
    • Is a sure sign that such people are not in Christ
    • Do we live in this habitual way?
    • James 2:13
    • Are you unmerciful?

Jesus commands a generous spirit (v37-38)

  • Forgive and give
    • These are promises
  • God is a kind and generous God
  • He will supply our every need
    • The image of a grain merchant
    • He gives over abundantly
    • Follow in Jesus' footsteps
    • If we realise how sinful we are and forgive others - God will forgive us

Jesus warns about spiritual blindness (v39-42)

  • Jesus gives parabolic words – v39-42
    • Picture language
    • Example
  • We should practice self examination
    • God wants us to judge our own hearts
    • The Bible is a mirror and shows us our hearts
  • Example of David and Bathsheba
  • Watch who you are following and who you are listening to
    • The disciples had to be trained by Jesus
    • The purpose of Church is that we would become like Jesus

Closing Remarks