June 23, 2019

Are you trusting in Jesus?

Passage: Luke 7:18-35
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  • Dealing with doubt (and the believers doubt)
  • Reading a book - My Sunflower girl
    • Can we imagine what it is to lose a child?
    • Example
  • Let us consider John the Baptist
    • He was in a terrible time of darkness
    • He was in prison
    • He began to have doubts about Jesus
  • The passage this morning deals with doubt
    • Christians all go through doubt at some point
    • Are you trusting in Jesus as your Saviour?
  • This passage is not about rank unbelief
    • Someone who is struggling

Struggling with Doubt

  • John the Baptist
    • Consider all that he had seen and understood
    • He was prepared to stand up for truth despite the cost
    • He was a courageous preacher
    • He knew God in an intimate way
  • Yet now he is in prison
    • He had unrealised expectations
    • Certain things were not coming to pass
    • He cannot understand why the wicked prospered?
    • Why has he not been delivered?
    • Why had judgment not fallen on his enemies?
  • Proverbs: "Hope deferred makes the heart sick"
    • This can cast into a dark place
    • Often because our hopes and expectations were not God's plans or God's timings
      • John had not understood this was the time of love and not judgment
  • The godly can be plagued by doubts - examples:
    • John Bunion
    • Book - Grace bounding
    • Book - My Sunflower girl
    • The Book of Job
    • Read about Elijah
  • Doubt arises in John (v18-19)
    • He had heard reports of healings and miracles - this wasn't enough for him
    • He called his disciples to ask Jesus
      • Some speculate that he was doubting but sending the two disciples for their benefit
      • John was concerned that their faith was strengthens
    • v22-23 show that Jesus was talking about John - John had doubts
  • John was going through deep doubt
    • What about us?
    • The devil hates Christians, he is a roaring like seeking those who he will devour
      • When you are on your own/isolated
      • He will question God and His word
    • He did the right thing - he went to Jesus
      • When we are in a dark time, the most important thing is that we go to Jesus

Overcoming Doubt

  • "Are you the coming one?" - How does Jesus respond?
    • He does not speak but act
      • He cured many infirmities, afflictions and evil spirits
        • Sometimes actions speak louder than words
      • John's disciples would have seen these miracles
        • Can we imagine the impression this would have made upon them?
        • Only God can do these miracles
      • In one sense being given a glimpse of glory
    • Then Jesus speaks
      • Go and tell the things you have seen and heard
      • John was have read and know Isaiah
        • Isa 35:5, 61:1
    • Blessed
      • A gentle rebuke or a word of encouragement?
      • Jesus knows he will overcome this stumbling block
  • Application:
    • His eyes must be pointed to Jesus
    • He needs to hear the word of God
    • We should not stay away from Christian fellowship
      • We may just need to spend time with people
      • We need to say things with love

Affirming Real Faith

  • v24-28
  • Jesus affirms John's faith
    • What would the multitudes think of John the Baptist doubting?
    • Jesus speaks up for John
      • There is not one born of woman greater than he
  • Jesus states he is a man of conviction and great faith
    • v24b - he was not shaken by man
    • v25 - he was not a man of luxury
    • v26 - he was/is more than a prophet
      • There is none greater that John the Baptist
        1. He had a greater revelation of Jesus Christ
          • Those who are now in the kingdom will be given a fuller revelation
        2. He was a very humble man
  • Jesus is confirming His true servant
    • v29 - the tax collectors and sinners glorified God
    • v30 - the pharisees and the lawyers rejected Jesus
      • Rank unbelief
        • Explanation
      • They just criticised and made false allegations
      • This happens today - people reject the gospel of Jesus Christ
        • Humble yourself under the mighty hand of God