June 19, 2022

A Psalm about Jesus

Passage: Psalm 118:1-29
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  • First a reminder of the parable of the vineyard - recap
    • Israel was God's vineyard but they had rejected God's Messiah
    • The vineyard is given over to the Gentiles
  • A key verse - v22
    • Jesus quotes from Ps 118:22
      • Matt 21, Mark 12, Luke 20 - in each account, Jesus quotes from Ps 118
    • Ps 118:22 - quoted by Luke in Acts 4:11, quoted by Peter in 1 Peter 2:7, quoted by Paul in Ephesians 2:20
  • Other verses quoted:
    • v25-26 - quoted by Luke (13:35, 19:38) and Matthew (21:9, 23:39)
  • This is a Messianic psalm
  • Jesus probably sung all 6 Hallel Psalms
    • However, He certainly knew this passage
    • What would these words have meant to Jesus
  • Overview:
    • What does the psalm mean to Jesus Christ?
    • What does the psalm mean to us?

What does the psalm mean to Jesus Christ?

  • Jesus knew that He was going to the cross ... and that on the third day He would rise again
    • He was facing an excruciating death and separation from the Father
      • Fellowship would be broken
      • He suffered the wrath of God
    • Yet He was still able to sing a hymn going to Gethsemane
      • What was in His mind as He would have sung Ps 117?
      • The heathen nations would be given to Him
  • This Psalm was also sung in Ezra's time (v1,29)
    • He would have know this
    • He saw deep things in this psalm
  • Comforting truths
    • v5 - a personal experience of another, applied to Himself
    • v6 - the disciples feared
    • v17 - He reminded Mary and Martha that death was only a sleep
    • v22/23 - the most important stone of any building, rejected by all people but becoming the rock for His Church
    • v24 - what triumph!
      • The Gospels make us think of the suffering Servant - Isa 52/53
      • But He rejoiced in His Father
    • v27 - Jesus was bounds with cords of love as the singular sacrifice
  • Context - Most would say this related to King David
    • v8-12
    • He trusted not in man but in the Lord
    • Some also thinks this points to Christ - for all His enemies will be put under His feet

What does the psalm mean to us?

  • v5 - can we call on the Lord in distress?
    • Do we understand He delivers us from distress and brings us into a place of freedom and liberty?
      • Jesus taught that heaven was like a bountiful banquet
      • Jesus had come to give life in abundance 
    • Christianity is not about restrictions (though there is the 'straight and narrow') - there is joy
      • The non-Christian is under pressure
      • The non-Christian is under sin
      • When our chains fall off, we are brought into a broad place
      • We have a living relationship with God
      • We are brought from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of light
      • We enjoy the pleasures of life given by God
      • We live a joyful life
      • We have peace with God
      • We have the Holy Spirit dwelling within us
      • We have a certain future
      • We do not just live for the day or the moment
      • We have a glorious future with God and Christ
  • v25-26 – Blessed is He / Hosanna / Save now
    • Many who called out Hosanna, quickly cried out 'crucify Him'
    • Let us call us 'save now' if we do not know Christ
    • Be thankful for those bringing the Gospel
    • Be thankful for Jesus who will come in glory
  • v6 - The Lord is on our side
    • We are on His side and therefore He is on our side
    • Heb 13:6
    • Heb 10:32-34
    • When we look at Scriptures, we are often encouraged to look back and learn from the past
    • We are also encouraged to look forward, beyond the present situation
    • Example of John Bunyan
  • v8-9 – We must trust in God rather than man
    • Not our own ingenuity or others
    • We do our part, but we trust in the Lord
      • His purposes are wise and He knows what He is doing
    • We give the glory to Him
  • v1, 29 - Give thanks
    • Jesus was thankful as He sand this psalm - as He would save His people from their sins
    • 1 Thess 5:18 - give thanks in all things
    • Great mercy (v1-4), for which we can give thanks

Closing Remarks