July 4, 2021

A Hunchback is Healed

Passage: Luke 13:10-22
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  • Jesus uses the word hypocrite
    • Why on this occasion?
    • The pharisee was more concerned about an animal that a woman!
      • A woman hunchbacked for 18 years
      • The pharisee was incensed that Jesus had healed on the sabbath
      • He had not pity and love for the woman
  • Hypocrites
    • Our politicians - example
      • More concerned with breaking social distancing than breaking marriage vows
      • No real concern for the families involved
  • Overview:
    • Commitment
    • Compassion
    • Confrontation
  • These three words sum up what happens when God is working
    • They also ask questions of us


  • Maybe the one thing lacking in many churches today
    • Commitment to the regular worship of the living God
    • Many put family first
    • Many are 'individualists'
  • A difficult journey for this woman - explanation
    • Her condition was stigmatised
    • She was vulnerable
    • There were many things that would block her journey to worship at the temple - but she overcame through her commitment
    • She was going to honour God and received a great blessing
      • Was she expecting Jesus to be there?
  • How many excuses we make?
    • Are we like those of Luke 14:16-20
    • We know there are legitimate reasons why some people cannot attend
    • Yet there are those who could come but have no desire to do so
    • What blessings they miss out on
      • Imagine if the woman had not gone to the synagogue that day
    • Example of the faithful


  • Why has Jesus come to her village/her synagogue?
    • There she experienced the compassion of Jesus Christ
  • Jesus sees this woman and He calls her forward - imagine that
    • v11 - her condition present for 18 years, unable to stand up straight - a severe problem with her spine
      • Jesus heals her - He speaks to her and touchs her
      • We cannot demonstrate physical love and affection during the pandemic
    • v13 - she was immediately healed
  • Example of young woman at Wimbledon
    • This woman - far greater, praise for Almighty God
    • The multitude also rejoicing
  • A divine encounter - the Lord Jesus decided to go to this synagogue and heal her
    • v16 - not just medical but spiritual
    • She was bound under Satan
      • Some form of satanic oppression
    • She was released from her spiritual condition also
    • He did this with a word - all she had to do was come to Him
      • We must come to the feet of Jesus for spiritual healing
  • The wonderful message of Christianity is to come in your debilitating sin and He shall forgive you
    • Quote from Isaiah - He came to see the bound free
    • Do you acknowledge your sin and your need for a Saviour?
      • Do you see Jesus' compassion?
      • Do you see God singling you out?
  • Worship God with a full heart


  • v14 - the Pharisee was indignant
    • A professional clergyman but not concerned about people
    • He was doing his job making sure they stuck to the rules and his interpretation of the law
      • Being merciful was never banned
      • The Sabbath was made for man and not man for the sabbath
      • It was given for the benefit of God's people
    • Churches will always face confrontation and oppression
  • Jesus answers this
    • She is a daughter of Abraham
    • This is a wonderful miracle
  • We must never assume that advances in the work of God will not be accompanied by some form of opposition
    • Satan does not want God's work to go ahead
    • We must not fear this
    • God can turn evil for good
  • We must not feel down but remember the praise of the multitudes - v17
    • The adversaries were put the shame
    • The multitudes rejoice - so to must we rejoice in God

Closing Remarks