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Ruth & Orpah

Ruth 1:1-22, Jonny Wilson, November 18, 2018

Sermon Notes:
  • Context
  • Naomi has been stirred (v6)
    • She heard God afresh
    • We see the effect that a restored Christian has on her family
  • Naomi is preparing to return back to Bethlehem
    • The daughters in law arise with her (v7)
    • There is a choice to be made
    • Almost a picture of Christ
    • There is no easy way to heaven - Matt 7:14
  • Naomi seeks to put off her daughters - v8/9, v11, v15
    • Naomi releases her daughter from their obligation (v8)
      • Explanation
      • She prays that they would find rest and do well
    • The response (v10) - we will return with you
    • Naomi gives reasons (v11)
      • It will be hard
      • You will be widows
      • I am unable to have further children
      • Jesus says the path to heaven is hard - Matt 10:22
    • The response  (v14) - Orpah came so far, but Ruth clung to her
      • Is this true of us - have we come so far
      • Has there been a believing, an obeying, a trusting
      • The gospel is difficult - Matt 11:12
      • Will we move or will we go back
      • The world goes back - it is a whole lot easier
    • Orpah has turned back (v15)
      • Ruth stays (v16)
      • Orpah has gone back to her people and her gods
      • Ruth is willing to change her people and her gods
        • Becoming a Christian involves change
        • We are new in Christ
        • To be a Christian is to die daily - Matt 10:38
        • Example and illustration of Jesus Christ - at great cost!
      • Ruth was committed and Naomi recognised this (v18)
        • Ruth was with Naomi
        • Are we Jesus Christ?
        • Have we nailed our colours to the mast?
        • Christ has already paid the price in love
        • What is our response?
          • Will we go back to put ourselves, our family and our 'gods' first?
        • It goes well with Ruth (v22)
      • Challenge
        • Orpah made the wrong decision
        • God offers salvation to all
        • It will be beyond our wildest dreams to be with God
        • We need to do nothing except come to Christ
        • Personal Testimony
        • Now is the day of salvation

Sermon Passage:

Ruth 1:1-22

1Now it came to pass in the days when the judges ruled, that there was a famine in the land. And a certain man of Bethlehemjudah went to sojourn in the country of Moab, he, and his wife, and his two sons. 2And the name of the man was Elimelech, and the name of his wife Naomi, and the name of his two sons Mahlon and Chilion, Ephrathites of Bethlehemjudah. And they came into the country of Moab, and continued there. 3And Elimelech Naomi's husband died; and she was left, and her two sons. 4And they took them wives of the women of Moab; the name of the one was Orpah, and the name of the other Ruth: and they dwelled there about ten years. 5And Mahlon and Chilion died also both of them; and the woman was left of her two sons and her husband. 6Then she arose with her daughters in law, that she might return from the country of Moab: for she had heard in the country of Moab how that the LORD had visited his people in giving them bread. 7Wherefore she went forth out of the place where she was, and her two daughters in law with her; and they went on the way to return unto the land of Judah. 8And Naomi said unto her two daughters in law, Go, return each to her mother's house: the LORD deal kindly with you, as ye have dealt with the dead, and with me. 9The LORD grant you that ye may find rest, each of you in the house of her husband. Then she kissed them; and they lifted up their voice, and wept. 10And they said unto her, Surely we will return with thee unto thy people. 11And Naomi said, Turn again, my daughters: why will ye go with me? are there yet any more sons in my womb, that they may be your husbands? 12Turn again, my daughters, go your way; for I am too old to have an husband. If I should say, I have hope, if I should have an husband also to night, and should also bear sons; 13Would ye tarry for them till they were grown? would ye stay for them from having husbands? nay, my daughters; for it grieveth me much for your sakes that the hand of the LORD is gone out against me. 14And they lifted up their voice, and wept again: and Orpah kissed her mother in law; but Ruth clave unto her. 15And she said, Behold, thy sister in law is gone back unto her people, and unto her gods: return thou after thy sister in law. 16And Ruth said, Intreat me not to leave thee, or to return from following after thee: for whither thou goest, I will go; and where thou lodgest, I will lodge: thy people shall be my people, and thy God my God: 17Where thou diest, will I die, and there will I be buried: the LORD do so to me, and more also, if ought but death part thee and me. 18When she saw that she was stedfastly minded to go with her, then she left speaking unto her. 19So they two went until they came to Bethlehem. And it came to pass, when they were come to Bethlehem, that all the city was moved about them, and they said, Is this Naomi? 20And she said unto them, Call me not Naomi, call me Mara: for the Almighty hath dealt very bitterly with me. 21I went out full, and the LORD hath brought me home again empty: why then call ye me Naomi, seeing the LORD hath testified against me, and the Almighty hath afflicted me? 22So Naomi returned, and Ruth the Moabitess, her daughter in law, with her, which returned out of the country of Moab: and they came to Bethlehem in the beginning of barley harvest. (KJV)

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