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Philippians 4:1-23, Richard McDonald, July 29, 2018

Sermon Notes:


  • Concentrating on v6-7
  • Anxiety statistics
    • We have all experienced anxiety at some time
    • It can be all controlling/consuming
  • These words are very encouraging

Come in Thanksgiving

  • Bring everything to God in prayer
    • Everything!
    • We all worry, we can all be anxious
    • Bring your worries to God in prayer with thanksgiving
  • How can I come to God with thanksgiving in anxiety or a hard situation?
    • We are not thanking God for the situation
    • Give thanks that we can come to God with our anxieties
    • Give thanks for our relationship with God (which is undeserved)
    • Give thanks for the cost of our salvation
    • Give thanks for our standing before God
  • Our basic fundamental position should be to give God thanksgiving
    • We owe Him everything
    • Thanksgiving is the only proper context in which we can come to God and make petitions
      • God does not need us, but we (desperately) need God
    • Saying thank you and meaning it
    • A true acknowledgment of all that God has done for us

The Protection of hearts and minds

  • God will give us His Peace
  • The Protection of God
    • Example of bodyguards, castles, guards
    • The more we are resting in God, the more the peace of God reigns in our lives
    • Paul is writing these words when he is under threat of execution - yet he was joyful and had peace
    • The peace of God does not change the situation but enables us to cope with the situation
  • The peace of God surpasses all understanding
    • It transcends our human way of understanding the world
    • We can have peace in God but we have peace with God
      • Rom 5:1
    • We learn more and more about God
    • We must completely trust in God, all the time
    • We need Him in all things

In Christ Jesus

  • This is only possible in the Lord Jesus Christ
    • This reality should not be complacent in our lives
  • These three words come at the end but hold much significance
    • You cannot approach God unless you are in Christ Jesus
    • Let us understand what Christ did - explanation
      • Loved with a pure love
      • Imputed righteousness
      • Full assurance
    • The gospel to all
  • We can bring all our problems in Christ to God
    • This should bring thanksgiving
    • Christ knows what anxiety and pressure is:
      • Luke 22:41-44
      • Heb 4:14-16
    • Christ did everything and we gained everything
    • It is all about God

Closing Remarks

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