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Christian Hope

1 Peter 1:1-25, Richard McDonald, July 29, 2018

Sermon Notes:


  • Concentrating on v13
    • Using both NKJV and ESV
    • A step into the next part of the book
    • Shows us all that we have in Christ
  • Example of TV Show - saying that God gives us false hope
    • A lot of people in society today believe this
    • Scripture makes clear this is not the case
    • Peter is writing the letter to remind people what they have in Christ
  • The people of the dispersion are being persecuted daily for their faith
    • They were likely mainly Gentile, but there would have been some Jewish converts
    • They were likely to have lost everything
    • Similar to many Muslim people saved today
  • We have an eternal inheritance - we have an eternal hope
    • To build us up and encourage us of the hope we have in Christ
    • We need hope today
    • Is our hope real?

A Hope with Certainty

Worldly Hope

  • The meaning of the word hope
    • Not wish/desire but - no certainty in this
    • Hope that requires effort - examples
    • No hope - example of the lottery
  • Do we try to find meaning in our lives by placing hope in these things?
    • Trying to find God in these things
    • Are we trying to fill our God shaped hole with worldly stuff?
  • These hopes are all temporary

Christian Hope

  • The only hope
  • A living hope (in Jesus Christ)
  • It is different because it is not based on anything we have done - it is based on God's great mercy (v3)
    • God loves us with a pure love - not seen in society
    • God has given us new life - caused us to be 'born again'
  • Brought about by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ (v3)
    • A historical fact
    • Sin dealt with on the cross
    • All who believe - know they are saved
  • A real and certain hope

A Hope that helps us keep focus

  • v13 - Therefore
    • The first part points back to previous Scripture
    • The middle part gives us practical help now
    • The end part speaks of the future
  • Be sober minded and prepare your minds for action - 'gird up the loins'
  • Prepare your minds - 'gird up the loins'
    • Remove hindrances to be ready for work
    • There is work required - not easy work
    • Be ready for the return of Christ
  • Be sober minded
    • Do not have any inhibition/intoxication from the world and sin
    • Do not be influenced by the world around but be influenced by what is to come
      • The things of the world will fade and end
      • The things of Christ will not
    • Example of hazard perception test - look ahead at the dangers
  • We are not perfect - we will fall and stumble
    • We are living in a fallen world
    • When we do fall and stumble - we can look to the hope that we have (in Christ)
    • There can be difficulty and suffering
  • Is the knowledge of where we are going and the hope in our lives - is it real?
    • It is worth the effort
    • Focus on Christ

A Hope that points to Christ's return and beyond

  • The hope we have is real, but not yet fully realised
    • It will be fully realised at the revelation of Jesus Christ
    • Knowing the hope we have will help us to understand it
  • Do we think ahead or think only of today?
    • If we do think ahead - do we think about heaven?
    • We are not to be wrapped up in this world
    • If we believed in Christ's coming, we would be preparing
  • Christ is coming
    • Do you realise what will happen when Christ comes again?
    • His coming will be the final event of history
    • He will come with the clouds - Rev
    • The dead will be raised - John 5:28-29
    • Rev 21:1-3
    • Believers and unbelievers - heaven and hell
    • In heaven - a perfect body and soul to worship God, no more sin
      • Pure love, pure joy, God centered, being with the people of God
      • Endless

Closing Remarks

  • If you are saved - all this is yours
  • If you are not saved - all this can be yours
  • Quote from CS Lewis

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