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Trusting in God's Servant

Isaiah 50:1-11, Andrew Love, July 15, 2018

Sermon Notes:


  • A passage of great contrast: tremendous severity but great tenderness
    • e.g. v10 & 11 - explanation
  • Great hope and great tenderness, but also great severity
    • e.g. v1 - where is the guilt for your transgressions?
      • The God who judges sin and rebellion
    • e.g. v4 - tenderness
      • The God who gives a word to the weary
  • The passage is about Jesus Christ
  • Severity contrasted with tenderness
    • What is your view of God today?
      • Is He only a God of love with no holiness?
    • Jesus is there to give hope to those in darkness but also to judge in righteousness
  • Overview:
    • v4-7
    • v10

The Servant with a word to him who is weary

  • v4: weary
    • A whole nation can be weary of prolonged war, of its politicians, of society, abuse of the poor, injustice, crime, domestic violence, etc
    • Are you weary of personal issues: life, wounded, disappointment, lost job, ill-health
    • A guilty conscience:
  • Isaiah knew that God's people would be weary in Babylon - cf 40:11
    • 40:29-31 - He gives strength to the weak
    • This promise is not just for the people of Babylon but us also
  • Isaiah prophesies about the coming servant - 4 Servant Songs
    • 42:1-3: Jesus is not abrasive but strengthening
    • 42:6-7: Jesus' ministry is to free people from the chains and weariness of sin
  • Jesus said that His yoke was easy and His burden light
    • He will give us rest and peace
    • Think of Zacchaeus and the woman of ill repute
  • Jesus had a word for the weary
  • If you feel weary:
    • John 14:1-4 - Jesus is praying for us and preparing a place for us
    • John 14:16-18 - God's Spirit will come to us and not leave
    • John 15:9-11 - Jesus loves us, as God the Father has loved Him
    • John 16:33 - Jesus gives us His peace

The Servant with a life of listening

  • v4: Why should he need to be a scholar and learn?
    • He limited Himself as a man
    • He put Himself in a place of learning as He grew up
    • He was given the Spirit of wisdom and knowledge - Isa 11
    • He listened to and learn from the Father
    • He subjected Himself to God the Father
      • John 5:19, 8:28-29, 8:40, 14:10
  • Jesus received and was taught by the Father
    • Jesus always knew how to speak and spoke the truth
    • Jesus was in constant prayer with His Father
    • Jesus listens to His Father

Closing Remarks

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