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Grace Speaks

Isaiah 43:1-28, Andrew Love, May 13, 2018

Sermon Notes:


  • Re-reading v1-4
    • These are extremely comforting words for the believer
    • "You are mine"
    • We know the Lord is ours
    • We are precious in His sight
  • Context:
    • We must not take the passage out of context
    • We must also consider the wider context of the whole of the Bible
      • The link between the Old Testament and the New Testament
        • The Doctrine of Redemption
        • The Doctrine of Adoption
        • The Doctrine of Providence
  • Overview:
    • Grace Speaking (v1-7)
    • A Sad Response (v22-24)
    • Grace Speaks Again (v25)

Grace Speaking (v1-7)

A Contrast

  • A Contrast
    • Notice v1 starts "but now"
      • 42:24 - Israel was not living according to God's law
        • They were idolatrous
      • 42:25 - God's anger was to fall upon them
    • Such sweet words from God
  • This contrast appears in later chapters in Isaiah
    • Is 43:27-28/44:1-2
  • There are many contrasts in the Bible
    • Romans 1
      • God's wrath is revealed from heaven against all wickedness
      • God gives people up the life they want to lead - to their lusts
      • God warns the religious hypocrites
      • "All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of the Lord"
    • Romans 3:21
      • "But now the righteousness of God apart from the law is revealed"
      • Jesus the sinless one will take our sin and provide a righteousness from God
      • Have you put your trust in the Lord Jesus Christ?

The Doctrine of New Birth

  • v1 - A chosen nation: not speaking about physical creation -
    • From Abraham, taken out of Egypt and established in the Promised Land
      • v7 - The people are made for Himself and for His glory
      • He chose them
    • What about the Jews now?
      • Jesus taught people that His Kingdom was coming now
      • God's nation and Kingdom is made up of all people all over the world
      • God's Kingdom is made of those who are born again, regardless of where they are or live or worship
    • God has redeemed us
      • We need not fear
      • We are God's holy nation, a priesthood

The Doctrine of Redemption

  • God redeemed Israel with an outstretched hand
    • Judgment grieves God's heart
    • The Passover and the angel of death
    • The Cross of the Lord Jesus Christ
      • Sin shall no longer have dominion over us
      • We are under grace
      • We need not be fearful

The Doctrine of Adoption

  • I have called you by my name and you are mine
    • Personal Example
  • He adopts us and makes us His very children
    • None of God's children are natural children, they are all adopted
    • Adoption is a wonderful thing
    • God adopts us

The Doctrine of His Providential Care

  • v2 - Example of the Israelites escaping Egypt and going through the Red Sea
    • Example of Daniel and his 3 friends delivered from the fiery furnace
  • v5-7
    • There is nothing to fear in God
    • Do you know a God as gracious as this?
      • There is nothing special in us
      • God loves us with an unconditional love
  • Our responsibility to live in the light of this grace
    • Eph 5:1-8
    • The grace of God must not be abused but is a wonderful gift for living

A Sad Response (v22-24)

  • Israel had stopped speaking to God
    • God had called Israel by name but they had stopped speaking to God, praying to Him and calling on His name
    • Has this happened to us?
      • Do we call upon Him?
      • Do we live in our own strength?
      • What is our attitude when we come to church?
      • Are we being blessed by the word?
  • Israel¬† had not brought the required sacrifices
    • They could not do the basic things?
    • Has this happened to us?
      • Are we sacrificing?
  • Israel were burdening God with their sins
    • What a terrible thing for the believer?
    • Are we glorifying God or sinning against our bodies?
    • Are we living sinful lives before God?
  • A terrible response from Israel towards God's grace

Grace Speaks Again (v25)

  • God blots our out transgressions and will not remember our sins
  • There is always hope in God

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