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Waiting on the Lord

Isaiah 40:12-31, Andrew Love, April 29, 2018

Sermon Notes:


  • Opening Remarks
  • Concentrating on v27-31
    • Re-reading of these verses
    • Israel felt God had over looked them - v27, do we feel like this at times?
    • God's response - v28-30
    • God's promise - v31
  • v31 - some of the most precious words in the Bible
  • Context:
    • He is foreseeing the children of God taken into exile in Babylon, 200 years in the future
      • 39:6-7
      • Daniel and his three friends were taken into the palace
    • The children of God had so turned their backs on God that He was going to punish them, but God was going to bring them back
  • How do you view the Church today?
    • The Church has declined since the previous revival
    • Some perhaps view it as a type of 'exile'
    • People cry out to the Lord for revival
  • How do you feel today?
    • Examples - do you feel exiled from God
    • If you trust in God and come back to Him, He will receive you
  • These verses are for all Christians
    • Frail physically, mentally, emotionally
    • We can be spiritually weak
    • In all of the weaknesses God can strengthen us
  • Overview:
    • Remember your God (v12)
    • God's Promises (v29-31)

Remember your God (v12)

  • v12
    • There is no-one like God
    • Help is available through people but His means is far greater
  • Remember His Power (v12)
    • The hollow of His hand
    • The span of His hand
      • cf v26
    • The dust in God's scales
    • The mountains in God's scales
  • Remember His Wisdom (v13-14)
    • Examples of human wisdom
    • Consider the mind of God
    • Consider the counsel of God's word
    • No-one has taught God
  • Remember His Dignity (v18, v25)
    • Will we dare to liken God to anything else?
    • Will we dare to create an idol?
    • He alone dwells in glorious Holiness
  • Remember He is able to rescue you (v15-17)
    • God is greater than the nations
    • God is greater that the philosophies of men
    • God is greater than extremism
    • God is greater than militant secularism
  • Isaiah is challenging people with questions
    • Perhaps we should challenge others with questions
  • Remember His Sovereignty (v23)
    • Examples of those put down by God

God's Promises (v29-31)

  • God gives power to the weak
    • Examples of weakness
    • It is not wrong to be weak
  • In your weakness God can give you might and strength as you trust upon Him
    • Example of Elijah, Moses, Simon Peter
    • We must trust God
    • There are unspeakable riches in Christ
      • Paul's Prayer
  • At the end of yourself - God will raise you up

Closing Remarks & Challenge

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