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A Doxology

Romans 16:21-27, Revelation 7:9-17, Andrew Love, April 1, 2018

Sermon Notes:


  • Names - e.g. Lucius
  • A doxology: v25-27
    • A wonderful end to the book
    • Praise to God
    • Praise for the gospel of Jesus Christ
    • God had saved Paul from religion
    • He continually wanted to give glory to God
    • He closed many letters in a doxology
  • Doxology
    • Doxo - glory
    • Logos - word
  • A benediction also - may you be a blessed and a strong church
  • 11:36 - a mini doxology
    • From Him are all things
    • To Him are all things
  • Eph 3:20
    • Paul was forever breaking out in praise
    • Is there too little praise from our lips?
      • Do we have a right view of God?
      • Do we lack experience with God?
  • Let us be stirred up
  • Overview:
    • Giving Him Praise
    • A Reason to Praise God

Giving Him Praise

Many reasons to praise God

  • We ought to be praising God
    • Be filled with the Spirit
    • Speak in psalms, hymns and spiritual songs ...
    • Be ever thankful
    • Lift our voices and make melody in our hearts
  • Rom 15:9-11
    • Sing, Rejoice, Praise, Laud
    • Rejoice with the Jewish people
  • Saved not just from hell but to glorify God

The Psalms

  • The Psalms/Psalter:
    • Contains the full range of Christian experience and emotions
    • It sounds a great note of joy, wonder, praise and awe
    • 5 books - each ending with a doxology
  • Ps 34:1-3
    • Bless the Lord at all times
    • Praise Him continually
  • Ps 41:12-13
    • Continual blessing
  • Ps 72:17-19
    • Wouldn't it be a fitting end to our day to praise God?
    • The Lord's prayer ends with a doxology
  • Ps 89:52
    • A double amen
  • Ps 106:48
  • Ps 150:1-6
    • The whole psalm is about praise
    • All musical instruments and even dance is to praise God

  • Quote from CS Lewis and AW Tozer
  • We are made to worship God
    • Example of George Muller
  • Quote from JI Packer
  • Are you giving God the praise He deserves?

A Reason to Praise God

  • v25-27
  • God can establish us [through the gospel]:
    • As we believe the gospel
    • We are taken out of the realm of uncertainty onto certain ground
    • We are adopted into the family of God
    • The gospel is able to establish us
    • Rom 1:11
    • We must always be under the word of God
  • God has revealed the mystery:
    • Long kept secret
    • We have now understood the prophetic scriptures
    • The prophets understood a little but much was kept from them
      • They did not know the gospel was for all nations
      • They had Isaiah 53
      • They had so many teachings
      • They didn't understand
    • These things have now been revealed to us
    • We have a complete Bible - a complete revelation
    • We can understand the types and the shadows by God's grace
    • The God of the nations
      • Eph 3:3-6
      • Fellowship with other Christians, of other nations
  • God has caused believers to come to obedience and faith
  • God's character:
    • Rom 11:34 - God's mind, God's wisdom, God's completeness
    • No flaw in God
    • He is perfect

Closing Remarks

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