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Making Plans and the Gospel

Romans 15:14-33, Andrew Love, March 11, 2018

Sermon Notes:


  • v22-33
  • Making decisions in life
    • Key: seeking to do the will of God
    • Paul's desire was to minister with the people of Rome (v32)
      • Until this point he was hindered
    • We need to know what God's will is
    • Principles in Scripture
  • v22-33
    • Paul is making plans
    • His original purpose is to preach to the unconverted
    • He planned to go to Spain
    • He did end up in Rome (but not as he thought)
  • Overview:
    • Priorities
    • Providence
    • Purposefulness
    • Prayer


  • His burden was to reach the unreached
    • v20
    • Where there were no churches or converts
    • v11 - the Gentiles were to praise God
  • His desire was to evangelize the whole world
    • He took the Great Commission seriously
    • He desired to go to Spain (and Portugal)
  • How does this priority influence our (big) decisions?
    • Example of Spurgeon
    • As a church - where are we most useful?
      • Examples
    • Personal example
    • Example of holidays and university


  • God opens doors and closes doors - He orders all our circumstances
  • v23-24
    • Did he have a sense his work was complete?
    • Resistance to himself and the gospel
    • Seeing the church sufficiently planted
    • Having prayed and thought about it - he believed it was right "no longer having a place in these parts"
  • Personal example
  • Prov 16:9


  • Things can be done spontaneously
    • The usual way is: Plan, Pray, Prepare and then act
  • Paul had goals in his life
    • Go to Rome
    • Go to Spain
    • Go to Jerusalem (first)
  • Jerusalem (v25-26)
    • This was the base church
    • It had suffered terrible persecution and famine
    • There were many widows in the Church
    • Not just the preaching of the gospel but to support the needy saints
    • To unite the Church
    • It was owed to the Jewish Church (v27)
  • How concerned are we for the unity of the local church?
    • We meet three times a year
    • Pray that this would increase
  • Paul was not shy to ask Rome for financial help
    • "For I hope ... to be helped"
    • He wanted to impart a spiritual gift to them (Rom 1:11)
  • The blessings of mutual encouragement
    • v24 - we are to individual in our culture
    • v29, 32 - he wanted to be blessed by them
    • Example of the burning coal


  • He solicited prayer from them (v30-31)
    • To be kept from evil
    • That he would be a blessing to the Church in Jerusalem
  • We must ask others for prayer
  • Prov 19:21

Closing Remarks

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