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Gospel Feast

Isaiah 25:1-9, Andrew Love, March 4, 2018

Sermon Notes:


  • Billy Graham
    • Explanation for 5m
  • Looking at a Gospel text – 25:6
    • The Gospel in terms of a feast
    • It speaks of a great feast in heaven
    • It speaks of Salvation now
    • Jesus uses food/feasts in relation to the Gospel
  • Overview:
    • Do you feel your need?
    • The gospel as a feast
    • A foretaste of heaven

Do you feel your need?

  • What are you needs?
    • Examples
  • Do you feel a need for God?
    • Are these other things more important to you?
  • Do you know that:
    • God has made you
    • God knows you
    • God knows your sin
    • The heart is desperately wicked and deceitful
    • Only God can deal with your sin and forgive you
  • Unless you feel your need for God, you will never come to Him
  • Are you really satisfied with yourself and your life?
    • What does it profit you to gain the world but lose your soul?
    • If whoever loses their life for Jesus' sake will gain it

The gospel as a feast

  • God is a good God
    • He is Holy but He loves sinners
  • A choice feast
    • A metaphor for total satisfaction in God
    • 55:1-2
    • We must delight ourselves in abundance (but we first repent of our sin)
  • Jesus is our food
    • He is the living bread
    • Feed me, till I want no more
    • His body and blood, broken on the cross, is for our eternal blessing and good
    • He is the Passover Lamb
  • Jesus Christ provides:
    • Complete justification
      • We are robed in His righteousness
    • Perfect peace
      • No-one can bring a charge
    • Deep love
    • Adopted into His family (forever)
    • Inscribed on the palm of His hands
    • All things are given to us in Christ

A foretaste of heaven

  • Not only a picture of present salvation but of future salvation
    • Zion will one day be exalted
    • We will sit down with the 12 tribes
    • The wedding banquet of the Lamb
    • v8-9
  • Are you looking forward to this day?
    • Example of Billy Graham

Closing Remarks

  • Do you believe the Gospel message?
    • Will you come to Jesus Christ?
    • Have you repented?

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