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The Kingdom of God

Romans 5:1-10, Romans 14:16-18, Andrew Love, January 28, 2018

Sermon Notes:


  • Reading v16-18
  • Opening Remarks
    • This person serves Christ and is approved by men
  • Looking at v17 this evening
    • This one verse brings us to the heart of the gospel
    • We need to focus on the central things
    • We must not wrangle over secondary issues
  • The kingdom of God is not food and drink (i.e. Little laws about what you can eat and drink)
    • The disciples of John the Baptist often refrained from different foods and fasted
    • John the Baptist had a rarefied diet - he ate just wild honey and locusts
    • Jesus came eating & drinking and brought the word of God
    • Jesus' disciples were often criticised because they did not fast
    • Jesus did fast at times and went without food at other times
  • The kingdom of God can never be defined by eating and drinking
    • It cannot be defined by outward or physical things - examples
    • The kingdom of God is within us
    • The Reign of Christ with the hearts of His people
    • This kingdom continues today
    • People enter into this kingdom by being born again
    • People are removed from the kingdom of Satan and placed into the kingdom of His Son
    • This kingdom cannot be seen (though we can tell believers by their fruit)
  • The kingdom of God is characterised by three things:
    • Righteousness
    • Joy
    • Peace
  • The kingdom of God is not to be defined by:
    • Jewish festivals
    • Things you can and cannot eat
    • Ritual or ceremony
    • Where you worship
  • The kingdom of God is defined by God's word
  • We must be careful not to get sidetracked by the building, the weekly program, our dress, our hairstyles, the communion wine & bread
    • We must focus on the gospel of Christ
  • Overview:
    • What the Kingdom of God isn't
    • What the Kingdom of God is

What the Kingdom of God isn't

  • Religion:
    • Eating and drinking is about festivals
    • Paul has said the things of the Old Covenant were passing away
      • Food law, ceremonial law, civil law
      • Ratified in the blood of Jesus Christ
    • People are not to be taken up with external things
      • Circumcision, clothing
      • It is about sacrifice of heart
    • Not true religion
      • Only about form, ceremonies and church tradition
      • Did Jesus Christ die for this?
    • Example of a church in the United States
  • Morality:
    • If the kingdom of God is principly about how you live, why did Jesus Christ need to come in the first place?
    • It is not about do's and don'ts
      • It is not about restrictions
      • Example of a pastor and his children
    • God is interested in our hearts and changing us on the inside
      • We should make decisions based on our heart being right before God
      • Not what parents tell us
  • Denominations:
    • Forming different denominations is a travesty of the gospel
    • The only flag we fly at Tabor Baptist Church is that we are a bible believing church
    • We have our creeds but it is about the bible
  • My satisfaction:
    • People enjoyed eating meat
      • Paul put himself in the position of the strong
      • v14 - he grew up with food laws but God changed his mind
    • Example of Esau
  • The Kingdom of God is about:
    • Righteousness, peace and joy ... in the Holy Spirit
    • This is what Christian living is about
    • Our paradise is not sensual but about being present with the
      living God

What the Kingdom of God is

  • Something very big
    • We should not be nit-picky, like the pharisees
    • We should be concerned with the big issues
  • Righteousness:
    • God is righteous
      • God's anger is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness
        • Rom 1:28-32 – God gives people over to a debased mind
      • Mankind is sinful and wicked
    • Righteousness imputed
      • Jesus died in our place to bring us to God
        • Explanation
      • That His righteousness might be put to our account
    • Righteousness imparted
      • God gives us a new nature and writes His law on our hearts
      • He gives us His Holy Spirit
      • A cleansing without and a cleansing within
  • Peace:
    • Rom 5:1 - if we know this peace of God we are reconciled to God
    • We have perfect peace, everlasting peace
      • We can enjoy this peace independently of our circumstances
        • We learn to be peaceable people (v19)
      • Not conflict, debate and strife
        • Though we will defend the faith
      • Example of Abraham and Lot
    • We do all we can to have peace with men
      • A work of the Holy Spirit
  • Joy:
    • Legalism leads to miserable Christians and a critical spirit
      • Legalism leads to keeping up appearances
    • What is happiness?
      • It is not about worldly pursuits
        • All of this is thrown into disarray with a difficult circumstance
      • Paul knew the Joy of Jesus Christ after being beaten and whipped
        • We can know joy each day
    • We have peace with God (Rom 5:1)
      • We glory in our tribulation (Rom 5:3)
      • This tribulation produces fruit, a stronger Christian, a more God-like character
    • The love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Spirit
  • Words of Jesus Christ

Closing Remarks

  • Rom 15:13

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