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Walking in the Light of the Lord

Isaiah 2:1-22, Andrew Love, January 14, 2018

Sermon Notes:


  • v5
  • Do you ever get discouraged about the state of Christianity today?
    • 97% of the population that lives in darkness
  • We are looking at the Gospel in Isaiah
    • It was a difficult time to preach
    • Summary of the difficult time
  • 6:8-9,11
    • The call of Isaiah
    • The duration of his preaching
    • Preaching at hard and difficult times
  • God gave great hope and glimmers of glory
    • Visions: chapter 1
      • v18 - a tremendous promise
    • Visions: chapter 2-4
      • Drastic things are said
        • Jerusalem itself will be overtaken
      • Messages of hope:
        • 2:1-4
        • A vision of triumph and victory
    • Micah 4:1-3 repeats the same message from Isaiah 2:1-4
  • A tremendous contrast
    • v1-4 - the ideal Jerusalem
    • v6-14? - the present Jerusalem
      • Speaking of judgment
      • Reminds us of the final judgment spoken of in Revelation
      • Speaks of the day of Christ's return
      • v10, 19
  • This is the message that we need to hear today
    • Days of hope
    • The day of judgment
  • Overview: (v5 - Walk in the Light of the Lord)
    • Christ's Kingdom will be exalted
    • All nations will worship Him
    • One day peace and righteousness will reign

Christ's Kingdom will be exalted

  • v2
    • Some interpret this figuratively
      • Mountains - the place of worship
      • Little hills - false worship
    • Consider the parable of the Mustard Seed
      • E.g. Brazil, Nigeria, China
    • Do these words apply today?
      • In part yes
      • Not the whole
    • Some interpret this literally
      • That Jerusalem will be the centre of worship (physically)
    • Some interpret this before the coming of Christ
      • That there will be unprecedented blessing
  • What is your position?
  • The key is this:
    • There is coming a greater day
    • All will worship Christ
    • Not about debating the finer details but how we respond to this (v5)
    • All shall be humbled - v11-14
    • The wicked shall be punished
      • Explanation
    • God alone will be exalted
  • v5 - let us walk in the light of the Lord

All nations will worship Him

  • All nations will worship Him
    • v2 - all nations will flow to it
    • v3 - many people shall come ...
  • Speaking not of a few people but many
    • Started at Pentecost - just a beginning
    • One day all nations
  • Contrast
    • v2-3 - Jerusalem going to the temple
    • v6 - Jerusalem was going to the nations (and learning the ways of the Pagans)
      • Think of New Age and Eastern thinking
  • Jesus was not concerned with geographical location
    • God is Spirit
    • Those that worship must worship in spirit and truth
    • True worship is in the heart
    • One day all nations will worship like this
  • Let us give our hearts to worship God know
    • Trust in Jesus Christ's blood and righteousness

One day peace and righteousness will reign

  • v4 - a Righteous reign
    • Instruments of productivity and not war
    • Eden will be restored
    • The land will be cultivated
  • Is this figurative or literal?
    • Christ amongst His people
    • Reconciling men to God and one another
    • 4:2, 11:1-9, 65:17
    • A vision of glory and a time of peace
  • Walk in the light of the Lord
    • The Lord Jesus Christ brings light
    • We must walk in His righteousness
    • His message/good news liberates men and women
    • We have the full revelation of Jesus Christ
    • We have a glorious message

Closing Remarks

  • John 3:19-21
    • Are you walking in the Light?
    • Have you trusted in Jesus?

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