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Birth prophecies: Light in darkness

Isaiah 7:14, Isaiah 9:1-7, Isaiah 11:1-5, Andrew Love, December 24, 2017

Sermon Notes:


  • Looking at Light shining in the darkness
  • I love Christmas - an opportunity at Christmas to come alongside people
    • 1 in 10 people only speak to a family member once a month
    • For 40% of older people their main friend is the 'TV'
    • A lot of depression and hopelessness - a loss of community
  • Often we can be like Ebenezer Scrooge
    • Isaiah gives a wonderful message of hope, light in the darkness

Hope in the worst of times (7:14)

  • A verse to King Ahaz
  • Isaiah has been given this prophecy
    • He was called to minister at a very difficult time
    • A split Kingdom
    • The Tribe of Ephraim was dominant
    • He ministered to Judah in the South
  • Isaiah was a willing servant
    • He was sent to a people who would not listen
    • Isaiah asks how long - 6:11
    • Until the desolation - 6:12
    • There is hope - 6:13
  • The problem:
    • Assyria is gaining ground
    • Israel goes into alliance with Syria
    • Ahaz tries to make an alliance with Assyria
      • Isaiah warns against this
      • Israel and Syria turn against Judah
      • The Syrial-Ephramite War
  • Deliverance will come - 7:4-7
    • There is comfort
    • Do not fear, the Lord is in control
    • The Lord gives a sign
      • 7:14
    • Probably fulfilled in 8:3
      • Isaiah married a virgin and she conceived a son
      • The
      • The Lord will come quickly - 7:16
    • The sign is in a child
    • He will bring deliverance to His people at the worst of time
  • Matthew
    • The Angels give this prophecy to Joseph
    • It is not just of a local time but applies to the Lord Jesus Christ
    • This prophecy will be fulfilled in a more substantial way
  • There had been silence of 400 years [between the last Prophet and the Gospels]
    • The people of God had been massacred - 10 tribes had been lost
    • The people were few in number and ruled by Rome
    • What had happened to the line of David?
      • Can we imagine that the House of Windsor would come to a end?
    • 'In the bleak midwinter'
  • Ahaz was given a sign
    • The shepherds were given a sign
    • The sign - a child
      • A child who is vulnerable and helpless
    • Ahaz didn't believe the sign or trust in God
      • He trusted in man
      • 8:22
      • Isaiah's response - 8:17
      • Ahaz should have hallowed God - 8:13
  • If we look to man to solve our problems ...
    • The UK is going through dark times - examples
    • ... the underlying problem of sin can only be solved by the Lord
    • Do you feel in darkness and bondage this morning? - hope in Him

Hope in the most unlikely of places (9:1-2)

  • 9:1-2
    • The places in the North that were obliterated
    • That very place that knew the judgment of God will see a great light
  • What happened after?
    • The Gentiles had come in
    • They were despised
    • Galilee of the Gentiles
    • The Jews despised Galilee and Samaria
  • In the most unlikely of places, light is dawning - 9:2
    • Matt 4:12-17
    • In the most unlikely of places there was hope
    • The majority of Jesus' miracles were done in Galilee
    • God works in the most unlikely of places
      • Many Muslims turning to God's light
    • Nowhere should be despised and we should not say that God cannot work there

Hope in the greatest of Persons (9:6 & 11:1-5)

  • Jesus is exactly like His Father
    • There is one God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit
  • We trust in Jesus Christ
    • He is the mediator between God and man
    • He is Mighty God 
  • He has come to bring joy - 9:3
    • In Jesus Christ there is joy
    • Example of visit to Portugal
    • Of the increase of His government there will be no end
  • A Rod from the stem of Jesse
    • Jesse was a nobody [he did not have a great name like David]
    • God will bring life
    • The house had been reduced just to Jospeh and Mary
    • God would raise up Jesus
  • A seven fold blessing:
    • The Spirit of God resting upon Him
    • The Spirit of wisdom upon Him
    • The Spirit of understanding upon Him
    • The Spirit of counsel upon Him
    • The Spirit of might upon Him
    • The Spirit of knowledge upon Him
    • The Spirit of the fear of the Lord upon Him
  • There is nobody like Jesus
    • Perfect man and perfect God
    • His delight is in the fear of the Lord - 11:3
      • What do we delight in?
    • He came to the poor in spirit - 11:4
    • He comes in righteousness - 11:5
  • Is our hope in Him?
    • Isaiah saw God's glory - he saw much
    • What do you see this Christmas?

Closing Remarks

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