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Spiritual Steadfastness

Romans 12:12, Isaiah 9:1-7, 1 Thessalonians 5:1-28, Andrew Love, October 15, 2017

Sermon Notes:


  • v12
    • Quote from Robert Murray McShane
    • Quote from Spurgeon
    • Paul 2 Cor 7:4
  • Quite astonishing these words
    • How does one get to this state of mind?
    • Normally suffering is an unwelcome intruder
  • Our verse provides some answers
    • Looking beyond your suffering and rejoicing in hope
    • We are to understand the purpose of suffering
    • Prayer is the key to be joyful and patient
  • A practical message
  • A commandment
    • Last week: v11
    • (This week: v12)
    • Without these commands we flounder
  • Overview:
    • Rejoicing in Hope
    • Patient in Tribulation
    • Constant in Prayer

Rejoicing in Hope

  • People aspire to happiness
    • Happiness alludes many of us
    • There are many causes: illness, calamity, disposition
  • When Paul is writing - he is writing to all Christians
    • He says to all "Rejoice in hope"
  • He is not writing to non-Christians
    • They cannot fulfill these commands
    • They do not have the Holy Spirit dwelling within
  • Christians suffer and face trials, trouble and death
    • Our joy is not dependent on our circumstances
    • Paul was not a 'super-Christian': what was available to him is available to every Christian
      • Examples
    • All the promises to the apostle Paul are to us as well
    • 2 Cor 7:4-7
      • Paul found his joy in the company of Christians
      • We need Christian fellowship
    • It is not superficial joy
      • In the midst of great sorrow he knew joy in the Lord
      • We can be joyful in even all of our sorrows
    • We have great communion with God
  • Paul is thinking of the hope of glory
    • Being in God's presence
    • If your hope is in this world you will be miserable
    • Paul's hope was in the next world
    • Rom 8:18
    • 2 Cor 5
    • Example of Jane Hamey

Patient in Tribulation

  • We don't often use the word tribulation today
    • From the word Tribulum
    • To do with an outward force, a pressure brought to bare on our lives
  • As Christians we will face tribulation
    • Quote from Jesus & Paul
    • Examples
  • How can we patient in tribulation?
    • A great example in Janet Turner
    • Accept that tribulation will come
    • The purpose of tribulation – Rom 5:3-5, James 1:2-4, Ps 119:67
      • Consider the bad example of the Israelites
      • Keep a check on our anger – Prov 19:14, 14:29
      • Be patient – Prov 16:32
    • Many examples in Tabor

Constant in Prayer

  • We need the Lord in these areas
    • Perhaps continuing steadfastly in prayer is the hardest
    • Examples of Spurgeon and John McCarthur
  • There is a special emphasis on the constancy of prayer
    • 1 Thess 5, Eph 5
    • Rom 1:9
    • We must not pray only for those we know
    • Quote from Spurgeon
  • Prayer requires time and effort
    • Sometimes it is a battle
  • It needs faith
    • Quote from Spurgeon
    • We pray specifically
    • We pray expectantly
  • Perhaps we lack faith?
    • Without faith it is impossible to please God
    • Consider the example of Pentecost this morning

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